Welcome to MachineWise! Interested in our products? Please see below on how our purchasing system works.

We have decided to move away from the typical drop style sales channel in an attempt to give everyone a better chance at purchasing one of our knives.

How does it work? – Simply add the products you want to your cart. You will check out normally with your shipping information and email. You will then a see a “Add me to the list!” button which will put your order into our system.

But I didn’t have the option to pay?! – Once your order has been selected and it is ready to ship you will be emailed a private purchase link. Make sure to check your junk folder as the purchase link expires in 24 hours.

How do you pick who’s order to fulfill next? – Excellent question! Fairness is the core ideal of this system. Whenever we have finished knives (minus the anodize) we will randomly select a name from the list. This gives everyone the same odds and does not punish someone for getting on the list late.

Does my order # indicate how far on the list I am? – Nope! Since names get drawn randomly when a knife is finished it does not matter how high or low on the list you are.

How many orders a week can you fulfill? – We are constantly striving to increase production. But a rough estimate is 10-15 knives a week depending on the product.

Important! – The email address you provide is our ONLY LINE OF COMMUNICATION with you. Please make sure to check your junk folders often. Once the payment link expires (24 hours) your order will be cancelled and you will have to re enter the list.

What is the “Surprise me!” option? – On occasion an order with specific ano notes may end up never getting payed for. In that situation we would look for the first order for a surprise me ano to fulfill with that knife. We also like to try out different finishing and ano styles that would also be used for surprise me orders. As a thank you for being open to options we decided to discount the surprise me option to base price.